Dr. Juliette Arato-Bollivar, Registered Psychologist

Dr Juliette Arato-Bollivar, Registered Psychologist

Welcome. I am a registered psychologist with a private practice in Richmond, BC. As a psychologist with twelve years of training and experience, I work from a psychodynamic perspective to connect with my clients.
I work to provide a therapeutic environment that is confidential, safe and flexible towards the clients’ specific needs and therefore am eclectic in my interventions and approaches towards what will best fit for our sessions. I would mainly participate in ‘talk therapy’,  which can include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness and immediacy, as well as psychodynamic techniques. I also work with the mind- body connection and use art and play as therapeutic techniques, depending on the individual needs of the client.


I am passionately dedicated to providing a safe environment for my clients and believe that there needs to be a ‘fit’ in order to facilitate healing and support authentic relating

I am particularly motivated to work with individuals whose lives, careers and environments create challenges or burdens that are often difficult to endure alone. Anxiety and distress caused by these careers and lifestyles often pervade every area of working & personal relationships, marriages and family life. I believe my training and experiences within this culture would be an asset. My goal is to work with these individuals to help ease such distress and pain and encourage quality of life.

As I therapist, I am dedicated to providing a confidential and respectful environment for exploring and resolving personal issues. I have experience with adult clients as well as youth and children.

Some individuals seek counselling through a referral from their doctor or human resources at work, these as well as self referrals are always welcome. Extended health benefits often cover counselling. I am a provider of several health care services.

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